LinuxWorld CanadaLinuxWorld & NetworkWorld Canada Conference & Expo April 24-26, 2006

"Where the IT Industry Meets!" LWNW 2006 is the number one marketplace for management and IT professionals to interact, learn about the newest applications and solutions, and see demonstrations of leading information technology based products and services in a mixed environment.

If you're a Joomla! fan make sure you're there for the conference April 24-26, and the trade show April 25-26, at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Bldg, Toronto.

The world-renowned, multi-sector event zeros in on technology pillars: security, dynamic storage, network management, communications, systems architecture, business solutions, server applications VOIP, ITIL, governance, web applications, and more. Exceptional non-commercial, educational programming conducted by renowned authors, academics and end users includes case studies and tutorials, demonstrating real-life applications and solutions.

Joomla! users read on for the Expo specials: 

April will be a busy month for Joomla!. We will be attending the LinuxWorld Expo in both Boston and Toronto.  Our Dutch community has also informed us about their first Joomla! Day. We hope many other communities will follow their lead.

Boston Linuxworld Expo, April 3-6, 2006

Linuxworld ExpoThe Joomla! project will be presented at the LinuxWorld 2006 at the Boston Convention Center from April 3-6. We have a booth in the .Org Pavilion and many folks from the American community will be there joining Mitch Pirtle, Andy Miller and Louis Landry from the core team.  This expo will be the first time Joomla! has exhibited in the United States.  Joomla! has become a globally recognized brand and highly-acclaimed by the open-source community generally in a very short time.

We announced the birth of baby Joomla! just over six months ago. During that time baby "J!" has matured into a highly-acclaimed, award-winning CMS of choice. Not a bad effort for something so new. Most of us know Joomla's heritage and the massive contributions made by developers and community members to further our aims and ensure its future.

For some time now we've been unable to accept donations to the Joomla! project — much to the frustration of many members of the community.

We can't count the number of times people have wanted to make financial contributions and, we must be honest, the money has been needed. But we couldn't accept it. There's a simple reason for the delay, we wanted tick all the right boxes to ensure everything was done correctly. Thanks to the professional guidance of the Software Freedom Law Center (based in New York), we are now, through Open Source Matters, officially registered as a not-for-profit.

Donations are always welcome ... and at the moment they will help in some specific areas. We have several expos coming up where Joomla! intends to participate.

While Joomla! is looking for ways to raise income from other sources, such as tasteful advertising, we are still expecting to rely on community support through donations to keep this baby fed.

We are pleased to announce we are now in a position to accept donations to help support our open source project.