A Wild Ride .. the Joomlamobile

Some blips in the provision of services on our Forge has provided the Joomla! team with the opportunity to audit the way the developer experience works. Joomla! has grown so quickly that the services of our forge have fallen victim to that exponential growth.

To remedy the situation, we're announcing the coming of a brand spanking new Forge. Bigger, faster and optioned up with a fancy new paint job. While we can't reveal all of the detail or what's coming in the next week, the Core Team feels the solution will further excite the creative development around our framework and set yet another Open Source benchmark.

What's this mean for me?

If you're a third-party developer who's been struggling with the old Forge, you will have two options: 1. Wait and see what we can migrate from the old Forge or; 2. You can register and start afresh on the new Forge once it's up and running. Once the new Forge is running and your project is populated, you will need to dovetail links from your project to the Extensions Directory. If you're a user of extensions, you may need to show a little patience while we're taking these very necessary steps to ensure scalability of the project. It'll be worth the wait.


Has this been difficult?

For the technical minds out there, considering migrating the Joomla! project alone is probably mindblowing — let alone the entire Forge! Our guys have been working some crazy hours to find out what's possible and what's not. Surprisingly, so far most of our needs have been met if not surpassed by solutions they've found along the way. This could not have happened without the support of VA Software — even through some of the more difficult and painful experiences.



This baby has been 'Pimped by Rochen' — this is going to be an exciting ride. We hope this conjures visions of Chris and Brad pin-striping the bodywork. And given the progress so far, that new ride shouldn't be too long, so stay tuned.