Joomla! means “all together”. Inclusion is in our heart. As a community, we accept and welcome everyone. We are committed to being accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of ability or technology.

There are two main areas where we are focusing our efforts: the Joomla! CMS and Framework as our “product” and our websites -, the Joomla Organisation and all of our subdomain sites.

Joomla! CMS, Framework and extensions

Joomla! aims to be an accessible authoring tool and provide a solid out of the box base for building accessible websites.

Since the birth of Joomla, we have made efforts to make our software meet accessibility requirements.

With Joomla! 4, we conform with the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines: WCAG 2.1 and ATAG 2.0. The Joomla Backend ensures full accessibility. Every person, with or without disability, can use Joomla to create, administer and maintain accessible sites. We give you the tools, the rest is up to you!

While Joomla! enables the creation of accessible WCAG 2.1 AA-level sites, it is up to those building individual sites to implement their own site in an accessible way. To put it another way, we will give you an accessible base install, but it will be up to you to ensure it is still accessible at the end of the build. website and subdomains

We are aware that our own websites do not currently meet accessibility guidelines. We are actively working to fix this, and aim for our properties to also meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards. We will update this statement when this has been achieved.

Joomla! Accessibility Team (JAT)

Accessibility, much like security, is a constantly evolving journey. Accessibility has to be taken care of constantly. We aim to make the Joomla ecosystem a beacon for accessibility in the digital world by providing Joomla as a fully accessible foundation, as well as providing tools and information for accessibility standards and processes. The members of this team are dedicated to accessibility. They have many years of experience, in theory and in practice, as auditors, users, developers and continue to learn and explore techniques.

If you would like to volunteer or contribute to our team in any way, we would love to welcome you on board! Please join us or contact us on Volunteers Portal.

How to report a problem or suggestion

If you find a bug or something that isn't working for you, please tell us.
We are happy to receive every hint and invite you to work with us to improve our software. Please report on our Issue Tracker or on github. If you are on github, use the Accessibility issue template for reporting an issue.

If you would like to report an issue about any of our * sites, please click on the "Report an issue" link located in the footer of that website. Our dedicated volunteers will address any issues as soon as humanly possible, accessibility issues have high priority.

Contact us via email

If you have questions, suggestions or if you are interested in joining our team, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Joomla! Accessibility Disclaimer

The Joomla! Project is not responsible for compliance with the standards of accessibility of applications and extensions created with and/or for the Joomla! CMS and Framework but is committed to making changes to the Joomla! CMS so that the available applications, extensions, and web sites have a solid foundation in keyboard support, focus support, ARIA markup and other assistive technologies.

Last Updated: 16th December 2022