Google has confirmed it will sponsor the Google Summer of Code 2007, and Joomla! will again be participating in this great event. Last year we had six sponsored projects, guided by twelve mentors and six students working on research for the future Joomla! 2.0. This year we will try to be even more productive and more successful than we were in 2006.

For Joomla!, the Summer of Code brings several benefits. It helps bring fresh ideas and talents together in a co-ordinated way and has provided the project with four new development workgroup members who are now active in creating Joomla! 1.5.  We expect one of these students to be a mentor within the 2007 Summer of Code Campaign.

What is the "Summer of Code (SOC)"?

Google's Summer of Code is an innovative idea where Google pays students an allowance to work on open source campaigns during the Summer.  Students are mentored by the Joomla! core team and highly skilled working group members.  Google is extremely active in the promotion and advocacy of open source.  SOC is its most visible program.  FAQs and Knowledge Base.


As you will read on the Google announcement, project acceptance cannot be done any earlier than March. The interim period will be used for the program preparation that will actually start with the selection of a mentoring team. A mentor guideline document will be published in our Summer Of Code forum and the developers blog so you can see what it means to be a Summer Of Code mentor. We will regularly blog on the development area to keep you informed about this year's Summer Of Code.


If you are interested in joining this program as either a mentor or as a student, please let us know in the Summer Of Code 2007 forum area. Keep in mind that the official start of the program is from March 14; until then we can only discuss your interest and share ideas about possible projects.

The program management of the Joomla! Summer Of Code will be done by Louis Landry and Wilco Jansen. Prospective students need to suggest proposed projects. The mentor group will "judge" these proposals and when they are selected, one or more mentors will be assigned to the student. The way students can propose a project will be worked out in more detail later on.

More Questions?

You can leave any further question you may have in the Summer Of Code 2007 forum area — feel free to jump in.

Let the Summer begin!