View from the Moscone Center

Joomla!, the world's most popular Open Source CMS, will be participating at its first San Francisco LinuxWorld next week.  For those of you who can remember, we were there last year and won a couple of awards, but did so under a different name.

Together with the award-winning 1.0 series, we will be previewing the upcoming Joomla! 1.5 Beta, which is evidence of the maturity the project has attained in a short time.  Lead developer Johan Janssens, who will be attending, said the forthcoming release marks a significant milestone.

"Our baby Joomla! was born nearly 12-months ago, cut his teeth with our first release and now the toddler is gaining confidence," he quipped.  "You may laugh at the metaphor but the amount of work put into Joomla! by our teams has seen us endure great difficulties and reap the rewards of a paradigm shift in thinking," he said.

A confused Johan watches cricket!

Joomla! Lead Developer Johan Janssens has been in a coding pressure-cooker for almost a year now.  With a free day on offer before Sunday's UK Joomla! Day, we took him away from all the code to enjoy the Yorkshire countryside, some pub grub ... and the gentle game of cricket.

Yorkshire is synonymous with cricket — think Geoffrey Boycott; earnest, stoic, stubborn and occasionally downright cantankerous.  In fact, Johan spent his first night at an old coal mining village, near where Mr Boycott was born.

We hooked up with Chris Adams, of Rochen, in Leeds, and travelled due west by train to World Heritage Site, Saltaire.  After some good food at a real Yorkshire pub, we ventured down to Saltaire's cricket ground.  In keeping with our olde-worlde theme, we used the oldest means of transport available to reach the cricket pitch, the Shipley Glen Tramway.

PacktPub Nominations this week launched its inaugural Content Management System Award with a prize of US $5000 to the winning project, second prize $3000 and third prize $2000.

The award demonstrates Packt's commitment to the open source community and its users.  Packt has a long and successful history of publishing user-friendly technical books for software users.  They were one of the first, if not the first, publishers to create an English version Joomla! web tutorial and guide.

The award process involves Packt taking nominations from users and the top five "most nominated" or voted CMS' will be then considered by three independent experts.  You can nominate Joomla! here.

Packt's timeline for the award sees nominations close on 01 Sept, the final five announced on 04 Sept, the judges voting work starts on 12 Sept and ends 7 Nov.  The judges decisions and the announcement of the top three is scheduled for 14 November.

So for Joomla pros, users and fans, we need you to click here, type over there and then cross our fingers and wait.  We may be only a click of your mouse button away from a successful nomination.