100k ReasonsIt's official — Joomla! has the largest Open Source CMS focused forum on the planet. In fact, by reaching 100,000 users signed up (validated), Joomla! contends with some of the biggest forums on the Internet.  We reckon forum.joomla.org is in the top 10 of all comers.

Reaching this 100k watershed is significant as the heart of this reveals true Open Source source spirit with many of these members sharing their knowledge and experience.   And this strength — the backbone of the project in many ways — manifests in a mature 'eco-system' that's self-supporting. Thousands of helping hands and minds.

"Joomla's success rides on the support available to end users through (among other places) our community forum," said Core Team member Brad Baker.  "Time and time again, we hear users thanking us for the software, yet, without the active community Joomla! would not be where it is today ... one of the world's most popular Open Source projects.  You are all a part of this and deserve a hearty thanks."

What's particularly heartening is that despite Joomla's phenomenal growth, the forum continues to engender friendly, helpful advice.  When we started Joomla! back in September 2005 there were  naysayers, and plenty of them.  In fact one so-called industry expert said Joomla! would "be a niche CMS".  There's something rather gratifying in proving people wrong.  Everyone who's taken the time to answer a question, solve a problem or submit a bug report is part of this success.

We could start quoting the ever-increasing statistics in this story however a quote from a pragmatic new user sort of sums up how things are working:

"To make my decision, I finally decided to look at the community that surrounded and supported each product. As a test, I made an inquiry into the general support message boards of each product. My Joomla post received a number of helpful responses in a relatively short time frame. My ****** (another Open Source software) post languished for days, and even after asking a second time for feedback, was still unanswered. As I'm going to be learning each system, and relying on others to help me, this experience ultimately swung the pendulum to Joomla."

Okay, we couldn't resist, here's some numbers:

  • An average of 172 new user sign-up each day
  • 765,000 posts
  • More than 1200 posts daily

Again, congratulations particularly to those of you who've taken the time to extend a helping hand.  We are made stronger by those helpful souls around us.

Free A3 Poster

To celebrate this special occasion, download this high-resolution A3-size PDF poster (for personal, non-commercial use only).


Today marks a defining moment in the Joomlasphere, which sees the launch of our gForge.  Yes, the new 'V8 hot rod' has arrived — and we believe it will provide the best development environment for a number of reasons but primarily to future-proof and cope with huge load.

The Paint Dried Today

When we announced the move last week, we still had plenty left to do to 'Pimp our Ride' but the team has done an amazing job.  Today we've sent out emails to project administrators to inform them they will get best benefit by: 1. registering on the new Forge ASAP, 2. reconciling their download links on their Extensions Directory projects.

"We've had to throw a lot of time at the Forge," said Louis Landry.  "This has been extremely resource hungry in terms of development team hours but we're happy with the end result — and we believe Joomla's army of third party developers (3PDs) will be too.  This was a challenge that had to be taken on full-frontal — the outcome should be self-evident in the biggest Open Source development environment on the planet."

The Process for 3PD Projects  

Louis said 3PDs of larger projects can make individual requests for migration from the old Forge.  "We've managed to migrate Joomla! including our subversion repository ... but this has been very taxing time wise," he said.  "We recommend developers start afresh where they can.  Owners of larger projects which merit migration should contact the Forge team and make a request to that end," he said.

Driving Lessons for Project Admins

The new Forge has detailed instructions which can be read here.  It's worth noting that the Forge is primarily a place for code and development.  Note: If you're a non-developer looking for Joomla! extensions, the Extensions Directory is the place to search.

Feedback Loop

As the Forge in itself is a work in progress, we would appreciate any feedback with issues you discover which may need attention.  Enjoy the ride.

A Wild Ride .. the JoomlamobileSome blips in the provision of services on our Forge has provided the Joomla! team with the opportunity to audit the way the developer experience works.  Joomla! has grown so quickly that the services of our forge have fallen victim to that exponential growth.

To remedy the situation, we're announcing the coming of a brand spanking new Forge.  Bigger, faster and optioned up with a fancy new paint job.  While we can't reveal all of the detail or what's coming in the next week, the Core Team feels the solution will further excite the creative development around our framework and set yet another Open Source benchmark.

What's this mean for me?

If you're a third-party developer who's been struggling with the old Forge, you will have two options: 1. Wait and see what we can migrate from the old Forge or; 2. You can register and start afresh on the new Forge once it's up and running. Once the new Forge is running and your project is populated, you will need to dovetail links from your project to the Extensions Directory.  If you're a user of extensions, you may need to show a little patience while we're taking these very necessary steps to ensure scalability of the project.  It'll be worth the wait.

Has this been difficult?

For the technical minds out there, considering migrating the Joomla! project alone is probably mindblowing — let alone the entire Forge!  Our guys have been working some crazy hours to find out what's possible and what's not.  Surprisingly, so far most of our needs have been met if not surpassed by solutions they've found along the way.  This could not have happened without the support of VA Software — even through some of the more difficult and painful experiences.


This baby has been 'Pimped by Rochen' —  this is going to be an exciting ride. We hope this conjures visions of Chris and Brad pin-striping the bodywork.  And given the progress so far, that new ride shouldn't be too long, so stay tuned.



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