The Joomla! Project is pleased to announce the availability of Joomla! CMS 3.1 Beta1. Community members are asked to download and install the package in order to provide quality assurance for Joomla 3.1. Joomla 3.1 is scheduled for release on or around March 25th, 2013.

Joomla 3 is the latest major release of the Joomla CMS, with Joomla 3.1 the second short term support release in this series.  Please note that going from Joomla 3.0 to 3.1 is a one-click upgrade and is NOT a migration.  The same is true is for any subsequent versions in the Joomla 3 series.  That being said, please do not upgrade any of your production sites to the beta version as beta is ONLY intended for testing.

What is this release for?

This is a beta release and not for use on production sites.

Extension developers are encouraged to work with this release in order to prepare extensions for the General Availability release of Joomla 3.1, though there shouldn't be any backward compatibility issues. Users are encouraged to test the package for issues and to report issues in the Joomla! issue tracker

Click here to download.

What are the new features of Joomla! 3.1?

  • 29855 - Tags (click here to see the recent blog post about it)
  • 29822 - Show logs in debug console
  • 30085 - Refactor installation to use new application and MVC classes
  • 29965 - Add pagination in COM_SEARCH component
  • 29770 - Added triggers on save for com_config

Miscellaneous: 28574 - Removed the GeSHi plug-in

JCM March 2013

The March issue of the Joomla Community Magazine is here! Our stories this month:

Editors Introduction

Adventures in Joomla! Event Planning..., by Dianne Henning

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IXAPI startup, by Stefan Neculai
Joomla! Facebook Page Hits 100,000 Fans, by John Rampton


Joomla User Group Toronto -- The Journey, by Bob Bloom
The 2nd JoomlaDay Switzerland 2013 in Berne, by Roger Perren
The 3rd Joomla! Day India, by Ashwin Date
JoomlaDay Events in April and May 2013, by Jacques Rentzke

Project News

Leadership Highlights - February 2013, by Marijke Stuivenberg


Do LESS in Joomla!, by David Hurley

Business Matters

SEO Optimizing Your Joomla Website, by Luke Summerfield

Book Reviews

Installing Joomla 3.0 on local host using XAMPP, by Tuan Bui


Joomla! 3.0 Extension Development Series: Writing The Core, by David Hurley
Differences between the Joomla Framework and Joomla Platform, by Matt Thomas


Training Your Clients with Video - Part 3, by Rod Martin
Adding Access Control through Overrides, by Randy Carey
Standing Out in the Stream - Adding Interactive Posts to your Content, by Ruth Cheesley

Help Wanted

The Joomla! Project Wants You - March 2013, by Dianne Henning


It Can't Be Said Often Enough. Save, Update and BackUp Your Site, by Markus Færø-Lunde
Are you Suffering from Keyword Overload? Keeping Google Happy after the Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update, by Ruth Cheesley
Joomla Security Tips 101, by John Rampton

Community Choice Extensions

Community Choice Extensions - March 2013, by Peter van Westen

The Joomla! Haikus

Post your Haikus for March, by Dianne Henning

International Stories

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Joomla! 3.0

Security ReleaseThe Joomla Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 3.0.3. This is a security release. The Production Leadership Team's goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community. Learn more about Joomla! development at the Developer Network.


New Installations: Click here to download Joomla 3.0.3 (Full package) »

Update Package: Click here to download Joomla 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 (Update package) »

Update Package: Click here to download Joomla 3.0.3 (for updates from Joomla 2.5)  (Update package)  »

Note: Please read the instructions below.


Want to test drive Joomla? Try the online demo or the Joomla JumpBoxDocumentation is available for beginners.

Please note that you should always backup your site before upgrading.


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