Performance Improvements

1.0.8 contains several query performance improvements that should lead to slightly better performance for Joomla! sites.  These improvements mainly deal with displaying Core Component Content Item data.  The more content items you have visible on a page the greater the likely performance improvement.

As an example, for an install of sample data:

  • The frontpage query count has decreased from 93 queries down to 44 - a 52% reduction. 
  • For the blog page the original 77 queries has gone down to 39 queries - a 48% reduction.
  • For the License page we have gone from 35 queries to 26 queries - a 25% reduction

As an example, for the official Joomla sites:

  • For the frontpage in 1.0.7 it took 95 queries to generate, with 1.0.8 it only takes 40 - a  57% reduction.
  • For the `Community News`area the current page needs 394 queries, now it only needs 197 - a 50% reduction.
  • For the `Version Info` page previously it was 99 queries, now it runs to only 59 queries - 40% reduction.

Please note that these query improvements will not affect 3rd party components, but as some improvements were in regards to core queries, which are always loaded, there is a small general query count improvement.

Session handling changes

To fix several problems in session handling and to increase security, the core session handling system has been overhauled.  Information on these changes have been detailed here:

  • New `Admin Session Lifetime`in 1.0.8
  • Hardening the `Remember Me` login ability
  • Important change to session handling in 1.0.8

It is important to note, that these changes WILL affect 3rd Party bridging products and users are advised to visit those Developer sites or contact Developers to see if these changes will be addressed in their products newer versions.