A release like this is a massive undertaking that requires an immense amount of coordination, cooperation and patience.  It can be frustrating, difficult, and at times, outright painful, but when all is said and done and we get to sit back and take it all in, it is an amazing and beautiful thing.  Joomla! is built by a family of volunteers who selflessly give their time in order to make this the best CMS in the world and that is an awesome thing. 

So, to the countless contributors who give their time to the project to report bugs, propose fixes, and solve problems; thank you, you make Joomla! great.  And, to the developers and testers that help to pull all the loose ends together and make sure the wheels are on tight, thank you, you make Joomla! a reality.  And, I want to show my personal appreciation for a few people that have stood beside me, tirelessly working to make this happen: Enno, for the countless hours he has spent working through some of the most difficult problems.  Louis, for his endless patience and help.  Wilco and Johan for believing in me and trusting my ideas.  Andy, for his perseverance and dedication to the help system.  And, last but certainly not least, Brad, for the immeasurable number of hours that he gives to keep Joomla! alive.  These guys give more to this project then most could really understand and they certainly do not receive as much acknowledgment as they deserve. 

So, to all of you, THANK YOU!  Without you, this wouldn't be possible.

Rob Schley
Quality & Testing Coordinator
Joomla! Core Team Member