A project like Joomla! and releases like this cannot happen without the coordinated effort of a vast a varied family spread throughout the world. A family of selfless volunteers and well meaning people whose only reward is knowing that they might be helping others. It is one of the aspects of the this project that continues to amaze, inspire and revitalize all of us who are more formally involved with the project.

So to the faceless and nameless hundreds who have contributed in even the smallest way to this project and this release in particular - THANK YOU.

Your name might not be in the changelog and you might not have a shiny title on the forums, but know that the time you take to report a possible bug and propose a fix will and does help countless thousands throughout the world. You are more than 'Paying It Forward'.

To all those who assisted even more intimately (you know who you are) your contribution is more than simply appreciated, it is applauded - 'lets all keep the Rythmn & Beat going, and keep the music flowing` ;)

Rey Gigataras [stingrey]
Security & Stability
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