One Million Posts on Joomla! Forum

This week Joomla! will mark its one millionth post on the forums. This is amazing ... that's a heck of a lot of conversation, questions and answers. We believe the forum is the life force of the project and this milestone signifies Joomla's unstoppable community.

Core team member and forum admin Brad Baker says the million posts would never have eventuated without the passionate support of our moderators.

"The 1 million posts is a big one for sure," he said, "but without our teams of volunteers to keep the forum running efficiently it would never have happened."

"I'd like to dedicate this celebration to everyone involved with management of the forums ... all volunteers, all committed Joomla! users too. They all form part of the bigger picture that generally makes open source software an uplifting, shared experience. Thanks guys and girls, this announcement recognises you!
• 1 million posts and counting
• About 200, 000 topics and counting

• 130,000 plus registered members

We won't do an Academy Award thing and name all of the top contributors but it is worth noting that of the ten 'most time online members', seven are members of workgroups with a combined time online in the forums of more than 2.067 (rounded) years.

Some of the memorable moments include the launch of brand Joomla! Most loved it, some laughed at it but we reckon it's unforgettable. Of course there was the virtual BBQ and 'Your Joomla! story' where people were swapping thoughts and, of course, who could forget the more recent GPL discussions. We believe the next big step in traffic will be once Joomla! 1.5 goes stable. When? This is partly up to you ... come on, roll your sleeves up, jump in and contribute where you can. We're just hitting full stride.