Andrew Eddie

Joomla! core team member Andrew Eddie has resigned from the project.  Andrew, who has been project leader and a long-time contributor, recently announced his intentions to the team.

Project lead developer Johan Janssens said he wanted to recognise Andrew for his leadership, mentoring and commitment to the project during its Mambo and Joomla! days.

Andrew Eddie, who had been working as Joomla! project director, came to the project in its Mambo state in 2003 and replaced its lead developer Robert Castley in October 2004.  Andrew, who lives in a regional town in Queensland, Australia, was the driving force behind the award-winning 4.5.0+ releases.

"There is no doubt that Andrew has steered this open source project through periods of amazing growth and success — and we are better for his contributions", Johan said.  "The good news I can give is that Andrew has agreed to continue to contribute to the project within a working group. We are very pleased he will still be around the project but in a less demanding and more creative role."

With the announcement of Andrew's resignation the core team has been taking the opportunity to make some organisational changes.  The core team has entrusted Johan, Shayne Bartlett and David Gal to be responsible for delivering this process.

"We will be making some more announcements about the way forward for Joomla!", Johan said.  "Given the forthcoming release of Joomla! 1.5 beta, there is much to do."