Joomla 1.5.23 Released

The Joomla! Project announces the immediate availability of Joomla 1.5.23 [senu takaa ama baji]. This is a security release, and we recommend users upgrade immediately.

The Development Working Group's goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community.


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Want to test drive Joomla? Try the online demo. Documentation is available for beginners.

Please note that you should always backup your site before upgrading.

Release Notes

Check the Joomla 1.5.23 Post-Release FAQs to see if there are important items and helpful hints discovered after the release.


  • Low Priority - Core - Information Disclosure Vulnerability.

Issues Fixed

CategoryIssue TitleLink
Administration PHP notice when selecting a menu type 16605
Authentication & Login Password reset invalid token 21252
Components Article Manager - Select Author 21676
Components Category Blog Layout - View Article - Editing Article - Click Images - 500 Layout "blog" not found 20536
Components Articles archive years are HARDCODED!!! 22520
Components Section blog ordering changed in 1.5.22 23135
Components **PDFs not showing when icon clicked in IE... 16149
Components com_mailto Spam Email Relay 24289
Installation *SQL installation issue with TYPE 25162
Installation Improve .htaccess rewrite efficency 25090
JavaScript Mootools 1.2.4 Squeezebox Problems in MSIE 25450
Joomla Libraries Warning: realpath() [function.realpath]: Unable to access .../path.php 20423
Joomla Libraries Joomla! broken on CGI web servers 22629
Libraries Upgrade Geshi to 25024
Plugins security string missing on file toolbar.php 20234
Plugins Add a system plugin event called onBeforeCompileHead 23746
Templates 1.5.21 admin template params.ini error 23053

Joomla! Bug Squad

Thanks to the Joomla Bug Squad for their dedicated efforts investigating reports, fixing problems, and applying patches to Joomla. If you find a bug in Joomla, please report it on the 1.5 Bug Tracker.

Active members of the Joomla Bug Squad during this last 1.5 release cycle include: Akarawuth Tamrareang, Andrea Tarr, Andrew Eddie, Bill Richardson, Dennis Hermacki, Elin Waring, Ian MacLennan, Jacob Waisner, Jan Pavelka, Jean-Marie Simonet, Mark Dexter, Matt Thomas, Michael Babker, Nicholas Dionysopoulos, Niels Braczek, Ronald Pijpers, Rouven Weßling, and Tim Plummer.

Bug Squad Leadership: Andrew Eddie, Ian MacLennan, and Mark Dexter Coordinators; Bill Richardson, Elin Waring, Marijke Stuivenberg, Matt Thomas, and Omar Ramos, Team Leaders.

Joomla! Security Strike Team

Thanks to the Joomla Security Strike Team for their dedicated efforts investigating reports, and fixing security issues in Joomla. Current active members of the Joomla! Security Strike Team are: Alan Langford, Claire Mandville, Ian MacLennan, Jason Kendall, Marijke Stuivenberg, Mark Dexter, Omar Ramos, Pierre Gazzola and Sam Moffatt.