Joomla 1.5.7

The Joomla Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 1.5.7 [Wovusani]. This is a security release and contains a number of bug fixes, improvements as well as security fixes. It is strongly recommended that users immediately upgrade. It has been nearly four weeks since Joomla 1.5.6 was released on August 12, 2008. The Development Working Group's goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community.


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Release Notes


  • Several security issues were fixed in this release. There was 1 critical, 1 major and 2 moderate security vulnerabilities fixed in 1.5.7. For more information, visit the Security Center.


  • com_content: Metadata handling; Alias not copied for Articles
  • String Escaping: External links; Titles; Alt tags missing on images
  • Blog Layout: Article Page break; new Left-to-Right option; Breadcrumbs; Archive Intro Text formatting issues; Section Blog Article links
  • Submit Article: Article Order Drop-Down List on Front End Shows Archived and Trashed Articles; Preview edited Article does not use Template Editor.css
  • RSS Feed: Publish Date fix; External URLs rendering incorrectly
  • SEO: Index and Follow Meta Tag for Print View


  • Show_noauth problem; Module Deletion after uninstall; Colspan in mod_latest; Copy Newsflash Module
  • Name and Username in mod_login; Menu item is locked after closing
  • Search: Textfield Width Parameter; Show Search Results option; Category Search


  • Menu Access Rights Corrections; Menu Separator shows as Link


  • Beez: Contact Image; Typo in Attribute value; Newsflash Article URL
  • ja_purity: e-Mail and Print Button files; Default Article Layout does not display Edit Icon for Authors; Site Logo Text goes under Header background; Top menu
  • UPDATE (Sept. 10, 2008): New function countMenuChildren() added for hiding empty split menus


  • $row is not Initialized
  • Help: Latest Version check; Help Key Reference Update for Modules: New Screen
  • Configuration: Time Zone correction
  • Media Manager: Base path missing slashes
  • Sample Content: Outdated Links in "Welcome to Joomla", Newsfeed Fixes, several updated articles and statistics
  • Installation: Remove confusing error message about language files for extension installations


  • IIS 6 and IIS 7: JRoute::_() and Application redirect() fixes
  • Parameter Types: SQL, Textarea for Templates
  • E-mail: JMail class ignores JConfig.sendmail path for sendmail; Incorrect SEF URLs for outgoing recommendation e-mails
  • API: JHTMLSelect fix; queryBatch logging in debug mode; JSite::getParams(); strpos(); setMetadata creates duplicate meta tags; $row is not initialized
  • XML-RPC client ID is too high; Profiling J1.5 framework; $row is not initialized
  • Cache: JCacheStorageFile::gc() flawed logic in cache expiry; Clean Cache file with Cache Manager

UPDATE (Sept. 12, 2008): For FAQs about this release, see


Statistics for the 1.5.7 release period:

  • Joomla 1.5.7 contains:
    • 71 Issues Fixed in SVN
    • 97 Commits
  • Tracker activity resulted in a net decrease of 94 Active Issues:
    • 65 New Reports
    • 88 Closed
    • 71 Fixed in SVN
  • At the time the 1.5.7 release was packaged, the tracker had 117 Active Issues:
    • 61 Open
    • 41 Confirmed
    • 15 Pending

Joomla 1.5.8 Goals

  • Tiny MCE 3.1.1
  • Menu performance improvements
  • Replacement of the Pear library
  • Update of the OpenID library to v 2.0
  • Form Redirects without SEF URLs
  • URL bug fixes and improvements for Components other than Content
  • Recruit Bug Squad members who use Joomla! with non-English languages, especially those who use a RTL language
  • Introduction of Unit Testing
  • Continue working on the //TODO tags in source code

Joomla Bug Squad

Thanks to the Joomla Bug Squad for their dedicated efforts investigating reports, fixing problems, and applying patches to Joomla. If you find a bug with Joomla, find out more information here on how to report the bug.

Active members of the Joomla Bug Squad during this last release cycle include: Anthony Ferrara (lead); Arno Zijlstra, Akarawuth Tamrareang, Alan Langford, Amy Stephen, Andrew Eddie, Elin Waring, Ercan Ozkaya, Hannes Papenberg, Ian MacLennan, Jennifer Marriott, Jens-Christian Skibakk, Joseph LeBlanc, Kevin Devine, Marijke Stuivenberg, Mark Dexter, Mati Kochen, Robin Muilwijk, Samuel Moffatt, Shantanu Bala, Toby Patterson, Ron Severdia, and Wilco Jansen.

Warm welcome to the newest members of the Joomla Bug Squad: Mickael Maison, Charl van Niekerk, and Gergo Erdosi.