Open Source Web Alliance

In an unprecedented move, Joomla, alongside other leading open-source content management systems including Drupal, TYPO3, and WordPress, has proudly co-founded the Open Website Alliance. This ground-breaking global, executive-level alliance symbolises a united front of international community organisations, all dedicated to championing the cause of open-source software over proprietary alternatives.

The Open Website Alliance represents at least 50% of websites currently active online, promoting the adoption of open-source content management systems. It was established with the noble aim of fostering collaboration among free and open-source web content management projects, thereby enhancing openness, trust, and quality within the digital sphere. The alliance warmly invites other open-source CMS communities to join and share in this collaborative effort.

Echoing the sentiments of other alliance members; Open Source Matters President, Crystal Dionysopoulos says, “Open source software is a true representation of some of the best human values. By working together with other open source CMS projects, we embrace our shared strengths and can work together to propel the spirit of open source forward. ”

A Leadership Collaboration for the Future…

The inception of the Open Website Alliance is a direct result of collaborative efforts amongst ourselves, Open Source Matters (Joomla), the Drupal Association, the TYPO3 Association, and the WordPress Project. This collaboration was instigated by an open letter addressed to the European Union, showcasing a united front on leadership levels. This unique structure allows for more streamlined coordination of strategy and actions among members, thereby cultivating new and existing cross-community collaboration projects.

The Alliance operates on a consensus-based decision-making process, with a rotating presidency among the members, ensuring that leadership and collaboration remain at its core. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the current president for more information.

Crystal of Open Source Matters emphasised, “Collaboration is not just at the heart of open source; it is the very essence of our community. We are very excited for the opportunities which will arise by collaborating on the leadership and global levels for the betterment of all of our open source solutions..”

Advocating for Open Source Software…

The Alliance’s purpose is clear: to advocate for the choice of open-source software over proprietary systems, educating website owners and developers on its benefits. This advocacy aims to expand opportunities for all open-source CMS projects, fostering a community built on openness, trust, and quality. Through sharing and discussing best practices, the Alliance seeks to enhance the public perception of open-source projects, and the reliability and safety of these communities.

Recognising the interconnected nature of open-source software, the Alliance also commits to supporting third-party open-source projects and communities that contribute to the ecosystem.

Embracing the Open Web Manifesto…

Adhering to the principles of the Open Web Manifesto, originally initiated by Drupal; the Alliance champions a web that empowers all, regardless of their background. It stands for a web that is free, decentralised, and requires collective participation and responsibility. The manifesto affirms the web as a protector of privacy, freedom of speech, and a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Joomla’s Proud Contribution…

Joomla is immensely proud to be a founding member of the Open Website Alliance, an initiative that aligns perfectly with Joomla’s mission, vision, and values. By championing freedom, equality, trust, community, collaboration, usability, and transparency, Joomla continues to foster a platform that is not only innovative but also inclusive and accessible to all.

Through this alliance, Joomla and its partners are setting the stage for a digital future that prioritises the open web—a future where digital publishing and collaboration flourish on a foundation of open-source principles. Joomla invites more community organisations to join this inspiring movement.