Elastic Email Partner

Joomla, one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), announced today its partnership with Elastic Email, a professional mail service provider for Transactional and Marketing related mails.

Elastic Email and Joomla are pleased to announce a new partnership that allows Joomla to use their professional services to send the transactional and marketing mails from our Joomla.org websites. For Elastic Email, this partnership means assisting Joomla in connecting with our community by helping us to send beautifully crafted newsletters and transactional mails. They are excited to support our organisation and our foundation of allowing everyone to create their own space online.

Having a good mail sending structure for our own Joomla.org websites is not a luxury but a requirement nowadays. The amount of mail traffic going around the globe increases the need for more secure ways to send email, and more importantly to make sure that the users are able to trust the mail they receive from Joomla.

The partnership will provide Joomla with professional services to make sure that recipients’ email services trust the emails received by utilising automated checks to ensure that our DNS configurations (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) are correct. It will also allow us to stay up-to-date with any future developments.

Says Wilco Alsemgeest, Webmasters Team Leader, Joomla Operations.

Marcin Puś, Head of Marketing in Elastic Email shared:

I love Joomla! My first ever website set up on a CMS was created with this platform. I have never expected that the company I work in will one day support a project that is so close to me. Joomla represents the ideas and vision that push us toward making the Internet a more open and better place for everyone.

About Elastic Email

Elastic Email is an email service provider that constantly improves and adds new features without sacrificing the quality of existing ones. Our goal is to allow users to create beautiful emails and advanced campaigns in a matter of minutes. We've developed our platform down to the protocol level and allow you to scale to 100+ million emails per month on our ultra-fast global infrastructure. We’ve been maintaining high-quality delivery service and intuitive tools for over 10 years to meet the needs of our users from all over the world.

About Joomla

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS) used to build beautiful web sites and powerful online applications. A global volunteer community of developers has been building and improving Joomla since the first version was released in 2005. This immense effort has made Joomla easy to use, stable and very secure. Joomla is search engine and mobile friendly, multilingual, flexible and extensible. Offering unlimited design possibilities alongside industry leading security, Joomla also has thousands of third party extensions and templates allowing further customization to meet specific needs. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.