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The December issue of the Joomla Community Magazine is here:

Editor's Introduction

Joomla in the Spotlight, by Paul Orwig

Feature Stories

A Newbie Asks: What Mascot Best Represents Joomla!, by Sandra Ordonez

Mia, Who gave Everything to Everybody, by Christer Gerhardsson

Joomla Social Groups - Have you joined us yet?, by Huyen NT

Building the Future Mobile Web with Joomla!, by Andrew J. Holden

Leadership Connections

Leadership Highlights - November 2011, by Alice Grevet

Administrators Toolkit

JomSocial & K2 integration (Joomla! 1.7) - Part 1, by Grigor Mihov

Designers Studio

Top 10 Joomla! Templates for 2011, by Peter Bui

Developers Workbench

Two Awesome Examples of Mapping with Joomla!, by Andrew J. Holden

Write your own App using Joomla! Platform, by Hagen Graf

Did you know...?

The Joomla! Spanish speakers are one big family, by Willy Meléndez

This site is down for maintenance! How can I see it?, by Marian TANASE

Closed Source Complications, by John Hooley

Joomla! Events and User Groups

An Eventful Year!, by Jacques Rentzke

Joomla User Group Roundup, by Liam Mandville

Help Wanted

The Joomla! Project Wants You - December 2011, by Paul Orwig

Joomla! in the Press/Media

Joomla! in the Press/Media - December 2011, by Mark W. Bender

The Joomla! Haikus

Post your haikus for December, by Paul Orwig

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