A New Look for Joomla.org

You may have noticed the new look of Joomla.org and it's just the beginning of our new facelift. Not only is it a new and pretty face, but deeper changes as well. Here are just a few of the highlights of the new design overhaul:

  1. More user-centric design: The top portion of the home page focuses on directing users in Joomla's three primary user groups: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. These are three top-level "funnels" for quickly getting users to relevant content.
  2. Consolidation of resources: As the previous sites grew, the architecture became more convoluted and pages with redundant resources were created or, conversely, related information was strewn across several pages. A consolidation of information should help users more logically find what they need.
  3. More resources brought up to the home page: The previous home page gave users Joomla news and not much more. The lower portion of the new home page brings forward content from many of Joomla's most important aspects. Repeat visitors can get the latest information from a multitude of sources all at a glance.
  4. More overall integration: Each of the Joomla sites has differing approaches to resolving unique informational and navigational aspects. When taking into consideration the evolution and overall growth of our group of sites, we have taken a hard look of the complexities and how to resolve those in a manner to give the best user experience.
  5. Compliance with W3 standards: Joomla template pages validate according to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard.

The new design of the main Joomla.org site is the first in a series of upgrades to all the Joomla Web sites. The planned rollout will consist of:

  1. Joomla Shop at shop.joomla.org - Update planned by next week.
  2. Joomla Demo at demo.joomla.org - Update planned by next week.
  3. Joomla Community Portal at community.joomla.org - Coming soon.
  4. Joomla Developer Network at developer.joomla.org - Coming soon.
  5. Joomla Extensions Directory at extensions.joomla.org - Coming soon.
  6. Joomla Discussion Forums at forum.joomla.org - Coming soon.
  7. Joomla Documentation Wiki at docs.joomla.org - Coming soon.
If you'd like to share your feedback and comments on the new look and functionality, visit our Sites & Infrastructure Forum.