Packt Nominations for Open Source CMS Awards

July 14, 2008 marks the beginning of year three of Packt's friendly competition between world class free software communities for who earns bragging rights to the much coveted 2008 Best Overall Open Source CMS. Not only is this recognition a great way to encourage, support, and reward the incredible efforts of free software communities, but, there is also a nice cash award shared with those projects fortunate enough to win.

The time for the Joomla! community to act is now!

Head over to Packt and nominate Joomla! for the Best Overall Open Source CMS Award and for the Best PHP Open Source CMS. While you are there, check out the new Open Source CMS Most Valuable Player award. Nominate someone who has worked hard to make Joomla! better and has made it easier and more fun for others to get involved.

Packt Nominations for Open Source CMS Awards -Joomla!

Help get the word out. Fire up those blogs. Post it on forums. Share it in your newsletters. E-mail your friends. Activate your RSS feeds because nominations begin today and continue until August 25th, 2008. Let's bring home the Best Overall Open Source CMS award for Joomla! in 2008!

Show your support by voting for Joomla! today!