PacktPub Nominations this week launched its inaugural Content Management System Award with a prize of US $5000 to the winning project, second prize $3000 and third prize $2000.

The award demonstrates Packt's commitment to the open source community and its users. Packt has a long and successful history of publishing user-friendly technical books for software users. They were one of the first, if not the first, publishers to create an English version Joomla! web tutorial and guide.

The award process involves Packt taking nominations from users and the top five "most nominated" or voted CMS' will be then considered by three independent experts. You can nominate Joomla! here.

Packt's timeline for the award sees nominations close on 01 Sept, the final five announced on 04 Sept, the judges voting work starts on 12 Sept and ends 7 Nov. The judges decisions and the announcement of the top three is scheduled for 14 November.

So for Joomla pros, users and fans, we need you to click here, type over there and then cross our fingers and wait. We may be only a click of your mouse button away from a successful nomination.