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  • PC World features eBay using Joomla!

    The October 7, 2010 online edition of PC World magazine features an article titled EBay Deploys Joomla! for Analytics Portal. This article highlights the recent announcement that the online auction giant (who claims to run the largest commercial data...
  • Double Dutch Treat for Joomla!

    Two Dutch mainstream information technology magazines have delivered Christmas/New Year treats for current and future Joomla!™ users. CHIP magazine's article focuses on Windows environment information technology and emerging trends, and features...
  • LinuxWorld Expo Boston (2006) - Day 3

    source: Ars Technica - The PC Enthusiast's Resource
  • LinuxWorld Expo Boston (2006) - Day 1

    source: Ars Technica - The PC Enthusiast's Resource
  • Joomla! Team Honor Roll

    Ric Allinson Location: Kent, United Kingdom Timezone: GMT URL: Ric, 30, of Kent, United Kingdom, is an IT manager and discovered Mambo in 2003 while looking for a corporate CMS. He now spends his time coding Open Source systems for...

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