Robin Muilwijk

The Joomla core team has a new member who will be a key player in ensuring code stability.

Robin Muilwijk, who hails from The Netherlands, will be joining the Stability Team under the umbrella of the Quality Assurance Testing Workgroup.

The appointment of Robin, who is a change management expert, will further the Joomla project's future by creating the best releases possible for the greater community

We had the chance to do a quick Question and Answer with Robin this week.

Marko Schmuck

Joomla's newest addition to the Core Development team, Marko Schmuck, is a recognised leader in Open Source Software.

Marko, who lives in Berlin, Germany, is known for his work as a former core member at XOOPS. He was responsible for, the XOOPS Forge. He also had his own open source project called RCP (Reseller Control Panel).

Marko will be a Joomla project leader, creating Standards and Guidelines for Third Party Developers (3PDs). Marko hopes his involvement with Joomla! will raise the level of code standards and help developers improve their skills.

Nicolas Steenhout

Joomla! looks set to improve its Standards, Usability and Accessibility (SUA) with the appointment of Nicolas Steenhout to the development team as the SUA Team Leader.

Nic, 37, of New Zealand, brings a wealth of talent and experience in web standards and compliance. Nic's role with the development team will accelerate the process of Joomla's framework meeting accepted standards.

Nic is currently a disability advisor to a New Zealand hospital board and runs his own consultancy services, with a focus on disability. In his "spare time", he operates his web design and hosting company.

His passion for web standards is revealed in a question and answer session with Peter Russell this week.