On Monday 17th August 2015 the worldwide community of Joomla! users and developers celebrated online and at meetups the day in 2005 when it all began.

Joomla! (www.joomla.org) is a multi award winning Open Source content management system that is used to create and manage websites of all sizes and in all languages.

As a record of the last ten years Brian Teeman, one of the co-founders, created a web site, www.spreadthejoomlalove.com, to acknowledge and say thanks to the thousands of developers, documenters and event organisers who have contributed to The Joomla! Project and to record the major milestones and achievements.

Community members were also able to record their personal stories of how they discovered Joomla! and what that has meant to them. Joomla! is about more than software, they are proud that everything that has been achieved has been done by volunteers working together to achieve something unique.

Jean-Marie Simonet, another co-founder, wrote "The day to day collaboration with many members of the Community to make the tool better and better for sure, but also, with some, to share a common vision of a better world. Ten years of life without borders. Ten years of fun."