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Official Call For Contributors

The Joomla! project is submitting an application to Google to participate in this year’s Google Summer of Code™ (GSoC) program. To be an applicant we need to have some help from our community. We are looking for talented individuals who are able to work well with students to be mentors, as well as for the community to generate ideas for the GSoC students to build.

For Mentors:

Participating in GSoC is a great opportunity for the Joomla community to collect some energy from new blood in the Joomla project, pairing talented individuals eager to learn with skilled mentors, community members who can guide and assist navigating the seas of Open Source Development in the Joomla Project.

If you would like to mentor projects this year please visit the Mentor page where we will be posting up mentor information. This will be a short list of requirements from you, as well as an application form that you will need to fill out. We welcome anyone to submit to be a mentor.

For Ideas

There are two major categories in the Joomla! Project where students will be able to contribute to this year. Unlike past Programs where there was only the CMS to work on, this year students can choose between working on the Joomla CMS itself or the Joomla Platform Project that the CMS is based on.

If you’re a developer who has some time this summer to help out, we invite and encourage you to add an idea to the Joomla GSOC Idea Page for 2012, as well as add to the discussions in the Joomla GSOC Google Group.

Joomla Community Magazine | February 2012


The February issue of the Joomla Community Magazine is here!

Our stories:


Open Minds, by Alice Grevet


JAB is not Just Another Beer!, by Dianne Henning

5 Great SEO Resources: Be Your Very Own SEO Expert for Free, by Milena Mitova

The Roadmap For a Great Joomla! 3.0 UX, by Paul Orwig


Leadership Highlights from January 2012, by Alice Grevet


Joomla ACL: Access Levels, by Jen Kramer


Post your haikus for February, by Paul Orwig


Website Case Study: FTSE Global Markets, by Dianne Henning


The Joomla! Project Wants You - February 2012, by Paul Orwig


Help! With 1.7 Out and 2.5 Just In, What Should I Do? Upgrade or Wait?, by Milena Mitova


JoomlaDay events: From Bangkok to Guatemala City, by Jacques Rentzke


Developing a Smart Search Plugin, by Michael Babker

Customizing an Extension's Edit Screen, by Randy Carey


Microformats – a way to display more content in the search engines, by Grigor Mihov


Joomla! in the Press/Media - February 2012, by Mark W. Bender


Download the Free Joomla! 2.5 - Beginner's Guide, by Hagen Graf


In our next issue

We want to publish your Joomla! story in the next JCM issue! So take a look at our Author Resources content to get a better idea of what we are looking for, and then register to become a JCM author and submit your Joomla! story!

Joomla! Joins Protests Against SOPA

The Joomla! project joins the ranks of US and international internet and technology organizations like Free Software Foundation (FSF), Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), Mozilla, Google, Wikipedia, Open Source Initiative, WordPress, and Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, in expressing our concern with these US Congress and Senate bills:

A US Congressional vote is slated on these bills for this month [now delayed until February], and many feel that it will inevitably become a mandate for formalized Internet censorship, with an impact that goes far beyond the borders of any single country.

PIPA introduces a deeply concerning degree of legal uncertainty into the internet economy, particularly for users and businesses internationally. And while SOPA is also a US bill, it has several provisions that would have serious implications for international civil and human rights which raise concerns about how the United States is approaching global Internet governance.

The Joomla! project respects legitimate Intellectual Property rights of others, but we are concerned about the consequences of such far reaching laws, both for citizens of the US, and the global community.

Today, the 18th of January 2012, many organizations will show solidarity by participating in a massive website blackout, and other forms of protest. As an international Open Source software project, Joomla! champions an open internet for all, and expresses its concern over these US Congress and Senate bills.

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