Joomla Announcements

Joomla! aims towards Accessibility and Standards Compliance

The Core Team recognizes that Joomla! is currently lacking in the area of Accessibility and Compliance with WAI/508 standards.
We are now publicly affirming our commitment to increasing the level of access for Joomla! generated websites, as well as our own site.

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3PD Expert Joins Joomla!

Joomla's newest addition to the Core Development team, Marko Schmuck, is a recognised leader in Open Source Software.

ImageMarko, who lives in Berlin, Germany, is known for his work as a former core member at XOOPS. He was responsible for, the XOOPS Forge. He also had his own open source project called RCP (Reseller Control Panel).

Marko will be a Joomla project leader, creating Standards and Guidelines for Third Party Developers (3PDs). Marko hopes his involvement with Joomla! will raise the level of code standards and help developers improve their skills.

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And the winner is...

After what can only be described as a fantastic voter turn out (more than many countries get in their national elections) you, the members of Joomla! have selected a new logo.

Joomla 01

Joomla 01 was designed by Alan Urquhart [urquharttownson]

Alan is currently assisting in final tweaks and is even going to the extent of producing a brand guide for the logo's usage. Hence the final version of the logo is not quite ready for public display, but will be launched as soon as possible.

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