Robin Muilwijk

The Joomla core team has a new member who will be a key player in ensuring code stability.

Robin Muilwijk, who hails from The Netherlands, will be joining the Stability Team under the umbrella of the Quality Assurance Testing Workgroup.

The appointment of Robin, who is a change management expert, will further the Joomla project's future by creating the best releases possible for the greater community

We had the chance to do a quick Question and Answer with Robin this week.

Getting to know Robin

1. How old are you? Where do you live? Why did you choose to live there?

I was born on December 22nd 1969, so I am 35 right now. I live in a small town called Bleiswijk, in The Netherlands. I was born here, and never really moved away. At the age of 28 I got to know my wife, and that was also the first time that I/we actually chosen to live here. It has the quietness and surrounding nature of a small town, but several bigger cities close by.

2. How would you describe your day job? Do you use Joomla in your daily work?

I am working as a Software Engineer and Change Manager. I started this current job at the 1st of January 2000, so almost 6 years now. My main task is to coordinate all changes in the infrastructure of the largest University Hospital in our country, the Erasmus Medical Centre, in Rotterdam. Just to give you some figures; we have 14000+ users, severs into the hundred and even more software packages, so you can imagine this is hectic a day job for me. Other than that I also maintain a few software packages in the role of Software Engineer.

I am not using Joomla in my daily work, although I did setup my own site a few months ago delivering some services related to Joomla. This is keeping me busy in my spare time, and I could almost call this work, so maybe the answer should be "yes".

3. Tell us your Joomla / Mambo story. How did you find out about the world's best CMS?

Starting from the moment I bought myself a computer, I was interested in the Internet. I soon taught myself html and began building my personal websites. This grew once I joined a society and offered to build them a site. Of course one wants to improve and use better technologies, so I went looking for what I had just learned was there -  Content Management Systems. I had tried one, looked at a few others, and then found Mambo/Joomla. Because of its simplicity and ease of use I never looked at any other CMS. I've building sites with it since October 2003, which was when I discovered it's existence.

4. What do you think of the way it works compared to others on offer in the Open Source community?

The main thing for me that really counts, is its simplicity yet its power. Also the user friendliness. But let's not forget, the community! So how do I think it works? It just works! Fast, simple yet powerful, so compared to others it is at the top for me.

5. Name three of your favourite websites (they don't have to be Joomla powered)?

Favourite sites, that's a difficult one looking at my bookmarks. They happen to change quite often. But to give you three;

  1., using it always to find what I'm looking for.
  2. , this is definitely one that I visit a lot every day.
  3., I'm just starting out as a contributor there to create a Joomla newsportal.

6. Where do you see Joomla in two years time? What's possible in your opinion?

Joomla is already at the top, but I think it will undergo big improvements making it even more powerful. Without a doubt, it will take an even bigger position in the CMS market. Not just for the smaller and medium sites, but also the bigger corporate sites. With a team behind it like there is right now, and its community, I think everything is possible. I could not think of any limitations.

7. Tell us about your new role within the core team. What will be your roles and responsibilities?

My new role within the core team will start as manager / coordinator of a new workgroup as part of the Stability Team. This will be the Quality Assurance Testing Workgroup. My daily role will be to coordinate this group and I will be responsible for setting up this workgroup and once it's formed, handle all the testing and communication between the group members and the core team. All this of course to bring more stability to Joomla.

8. What do you want to achive within Joomla and what expertise do you bring to the table?

My main achievement would be to give Joomla stable code, for every release. My main expertise that fits the role and team I am joining is software change management and every aspect that comes along with this expertise. Also my current job title and experience as change manager will contribute to this. A more personal achievement would be to improve my php skills, which would then add to the team and tasks even more in the Stability Team which already has some good coders.

9. You and your wife have a baby on the way? Some cheeky team members wanted to know if you're going to name him/her Joomla! What are the odds of that happening?

Yes, my wife Ingrid and I have a baby on the way. The odds of giving him/her the name Joomla? Well, I guess we have to wait and see. Let's say my wife is up for almost anything.... It's due October 4th, so unfortunately missing a great opportunity to get to know you all at the Expo. But I will have my own "little" party.

10. What interests do you have outside of Open Source?

Photography has always been a passion, although the Internet and Joomla are now taking up most of my spare time so this has moved to the background a little. I'm not a big fan of reading, but I do like a good movie. I'm also interested in re-enactment, since I've been a member of two of those societies for a while. Travelling is also a passion, I've been to Canada, and to Australia twice. The vast and open nature there is just unbelievable.

And it's not really outside Open Source, but it is a passion to help out in the community. I've been doing this on a daily basis now for more than half a year with a lot of joy. Letting others experience the power of Joomla...

11.When were you first introduced to computing?

In 1997 I bought my first personal computer. Soon after that I got connected to the Internet, which really changed my view of the future.