Help Test Joomla! 1.0.14The Joomla! Project today announced the immediate release of Joomla! 1.0.14 RC1 [Daybreak], the first and hopefully singular release candidate for the 1.0.14 release cycle.  Several security issues have been discovered and addressed for this release.  While the required changes are not significant, the number of impacted files are significant and we need your help.  Before this release is declared stable we need to ensure that it works as well for you as it does for us.

Those of you that are able and willing please download a copy of 1.0.14 RC1 and test it on a backup copy of your live site.  Make sure that the system works as good or better than Joomla! 1.0.13, our current stable release.  Any issues that you find please report in the 1.0.x Bug Tracker.  If you have questions on how to report a bug you should read the how-to and then if you still have questions please feel free to ask them in our 1.0.x Quality and Testing forum.

Since this release fixes security vulnerabilities, once you have verified on a backup of your site that everything works as expected we suggest that you upgrade your live site to this release.

Joomla! is Free as in FreedomJoomla! is free software. Anyone can use it, modify it, add to it, study it, extend it, or patch it. Anyone can share or sell what they have done with Joomla! so long as what they distribute is also free in these same ways.


To some, free software sounds suspiciously radical and certainly idealistic. In recent weeks, we have seen just how powerful an approach it is. Nearly 40 development tasks were selected by 25 Joomla! contestants in the Google Highly Open Participation Contest.  For these teens, the ability to study how Joomla! works and adapt the code for their own purposes meant learning to be stronger developers technically as well as in terms of working as part of a community. During the same period, the community--including some of those same students-- has come together to work on Joomla! 1.5, making a RC4 a reality and continuing to make strong progress since then.


We have seen that "there are good reasons why free software tends to be of high quality.  One reason is that free software gets the whole community involved in working together to fix problems. Users not only report bugs, they even fix bugs and send in fixes. Users work together, conversing by email, to get to the bottom of a problem and make the software work trouble-free." (


In June 2007 the Joomla! community reaffirmed our commitment to use of the GNU GPL.  Six months later, Joomla! is thriving as a free software project. People are contributing, sharing their discoveries, and helping to build a stronger Joomla! for everyone. Together we have grown, and we are growing.


Today, there is a steadily growing developer force making important contributions to the community by taking Joomla!, adapting it and extending the benefits of the Joomla! core code. hosts over a thousand GPL and GPL compliant projects freely shared with the world.


By using the GPL we are able to freely join with the vast majority of other open source projects, sharing work and ideas and building connections. For example, at alone, some 30,045 open source projects (68% of all listed projects) use the GPL.


All of the parts of the Joomla! community-- users, webmasters, and developers--benefit from being based in a free open source project. It makes the software stronger and allows the creativity of our community to flourish. We are becoming a stronger, more involved working group, and you are invited to join with us.


That is software freedom. The efforts of one developer can build, but the impact of a community of developers and users working together multiplies the impact.

Joomla! Community Working TogetherJoomla! is only possible because of the contributions of thousands of people. A community of this size requires a great deal of effort. In addition to the core team, hundreds of others participate in important ways as Translation, Development, Sites and Infrastructure, Documentation and Foundation Working Groups members. Joining a working group where your talents are best applied is only one way to contribute to Joomla!.

Community-driven activities

It is the members of this community who drive outreach. Joomla! Days, Joomla! User Groups, local support forums, conference presentations and white papers, special events and meetings, blogs, and, yes, even discussions around the office water cooler, are essential to sustain and grow Joomla! by getting the word out and recruiting talent.


Last year, Joomla! Day events were held all across the globe. Special thanks to those who made good things happen in Melbourne, Malaysia, France, Toronto, Sydney, Thailand, California, Norway, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Texas, Brasil, Hungary, Manhattan, Sweden, Finland, Serbia, Cape Town, Nigeria, and New Zealand. If you are interested in organizing a Joomla! Day where you live, learn more in the Joomla! Days board.


Joomla! User Groups are a great way to have fun and share ideas, while building a local support function. If you are interested in participating, see if there is a Joomla! User Group nearby. If not, consider starting a new user group and help others in your local community discover Joomla!.


Community members participate in countless conferences and meetings world-wide, presenting and sharing Joomla!. Events like the recent Pizza, Bugs and Fun weekend and the upcoming Joomla! Doc Camp scheduled for January 19, provide ways for community members to have fun and contribute to the project.

Friends of the project

Without a doubt, we are grateful for the generous support of others. We appreciate our friends at Google who offer the Summer of Code project and Highly Open Participation Contest. We thank the Mootools community for a fabulous Javascript framework bundled with Joomla! v 1.5. We also thank the Eclipse community for an incredible IDE and for assisting in the development of JCode. We thank Rochen for another year of professional and dependable web hosting and support of websites. Lastly, we thank the Software Freedom Law Center for their legal guidance and support.

Joomla! is powered by community

Eben Moglen once said, "We are moving to a world in which ... the most important activities that produce occur, not in factories, and not by individual initiative, but in communities held together by software."


This is true for Joomla!. The combined efforts of our community this past year advanced this project in significant ways. We thank each of you for giving your time, ideas, talents, and energy to the project. This year, consider participating in new ways that use your talents to benefit the Joomla! community. Together, we can accomplish even more in 2008.


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