The Joomla Project is comprised of many teams, each with a general areas of responsibility in accordance with our overall project mission/vision. Below is an outline of the teams and their areas of responsibility.

Joomla Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of leaders from Production Working Group and Community Working Group.

Responsibilities: Responsible for overall management of project and the community.


Public Discussion Group:!forum/joomla-leadership

Production Working Group

Create software that is free, secure and of high-quality—encompasses everything that goes into the final product, not just code but also documentation, internationalization and localization efforts of all types.

Leaders: Roland Dalmulder, Chris Davenport, Robert Deutz, Javier Gomez, Tessa Mero, Viktor Vogel, and George Wilson

Responsibilities: Core code development, patches, Joomla Labs, Joomla Bug Squad, localization, internationalization, Joomla Documentation, security, Google Summer of Code, JoomlaCode.

Public Discussion Group:!forum/joomla-wg-production

Community Working Group

Provide the structures and community management necessary to create an online community that is enjoyable and rewarding to participate in, nurture and support online communities of users, provide support and information to users, and facilitate communication between users and the Production Working Group.

Leaders:Guillermo Bravo, Peter Bui, Ruth Cheesley, David Jardin, and Sander Potjer.

Responsibilities: Joomla Discussion Forums, social networks, communications support, Joomla Extensions Directory, Joomla Community Portal, Joomla Community Showcase,  Joomla User Groups, Joomla demo sites.

Public Discussion Group:!forum/joomla-wg-community

Open Source Matters

Legal, financial and other organizational needs of the Project that fall outside of the two Working Groups.

Board of Directors: Victor Drover, Marijke Stuivenberg, Sarah Watz

More information:

Public Discussion Group:!forum/open-source-matters-public