aleksander kuczek

Location: Cracow, Poland, Europe
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Vice-President
Volunteer Profile: Aleksander Kuczek
GitHub: aleksanderkuczek
Twitter: @A_Kuczek

Aleksander got introduced to Joomla! by his father 10 years ago, so Joomla! is a family thing for him. He has built and lead the largest Joomla! focused agency in Poland. Additionally, he has also experience in extension development. His company's extension is the most popular contact form for Joomla! and has reached top 25 among all Joomla! extensions.

Apart from his role in the leadership, he is involved in the JED team, where he helps to analyze data in order do improve the user experience.

Outside Joomla! he is CEO of Perfect Dashboard CEO where he helps website makers & extension developers increase their income. Known as a foodie, a frequent speaker on JoomlaDays, JWC & JaB and multiple other IT conferences, and a truly computer games fan.