• Department Coordinator Leaders: responsible for overseeing the teams within their department as well as sitting on the Board as a Director. See the list of department teams on this document.
  • Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer): responsible for managing all legal and financial affairs for Joomla! and also the Joomla! demo sites.

To learn more about the new structure, please see this overview of the structure and you can also read the By-laws.

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The Department Coordinators and Officers are listed below.

michael babker

Location: White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA
Timezone: GMT – 6
Position: Production Department Coordinator
URL: michaels.website
Volunteer Profile: Michael Babker
Forum Profile: mbabker
GitHub: mbabker
Twitter: @mbabker

Michael has been developing with, using, and contributing to Joomla! since 2010 in a plethora of roles that even he lost track of. Most notably he is a past release coordinator (including having issued the final 2.5 release), Security Strike Team Lead, and member of the Production Leadership Team. Today his contributions are primarily in a systems administration role being involved in the management of the joomla.org websites and he serves as the Production Department Coordinator.

Beyond Joomla!, Michael has a wealth of experience in the Information Technology field having worked previously as a Systems and Network Administrator in addition to maintaining several industry related certifications and having earned a degree in Information Technology. His full time work these days see him as the Lead Developer for Happy Dog Web Productions where he is primarily involved in the development of web applications using various PHP and JavaScript technologies.

When not paying the bills or writing code, Michael can be found enjoying the scenery wherever he's at in the world, representing the Joomla! project within the greater Open Source community, opinionating through social media, and all in all enjoying life.

Mike Demopoulos

Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA
Timezone: GMT – 6
Position: Interim-Treasuer & Legal & Finance Department Coordinator
UR: MikeDemo.com
Volunteer Profile: Mike "Demo" Demopoulos
GitHub: mdemop
Twitter: @mpmike

Mike "Demo" Demopoulos is a longtime lover of Open Source Software.
He currently works at BoldGrid (a WordPress Page Builder) as an Evangelist.
He has spoken at numerous open source events around the world. He has been interviewed by multiple publications and podcasts and as contributed to many as well.

Mike also volunteers with The Joomla! Project as the treasurer of Open Source Matters (the not for profit organization for Joomla!) as well as serving on the Joomla! World Conference and Capital teams. He also co-organizes JoomlaDay Minnesota. He lives in the Twin Cities with his wife Kayla and dog B'Elanna.

rowan hoskyns abrahall

Location: London, UK
Timezone: GMT
Position: Events Department Coordinator
Volunteer Profile: Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall
GitHub: Joomv

Rowan has been working with Joomla! since it forked from Mambo. Based in London, UK she builds, maintains and consults on sites for a wide variety of clients from small businesses to government agencies and NGOs. Rowan is lead of the JET Team and webmaster of the Community Portal, as well as a member of the JUG Team and Capital Committee. Outside of Joomla her interests are travel and cooking.

peter martin

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Europe
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Operations Department Coordinator
URL: www.db8.nl
Volunteer Profile: Peter Martin
Forum Profile: pe7er
Twitter: @pe7er

Like millions of others, Peter's computer career began in 1984 with the Commodore 64. Ten years later he got hooked to the Internet during his studies Marketing and Mass Communication. When plain HTML wasn't sufficient anymore he learned PHP/MySQL. In 2003 Peter discovered Mambo CMS but only got actively involved in the Joomla! community in 2005 when he started helping other users at Joomla! forum. Peter has been a forum Moderator since 2006 & Global Moderator since 2007. 

In his hometown he organizes Open Coffee Nijmegen (a monthly networking event for small businesses and self employed people) and Linux User Group Nijmegen. Peter has his own business www.db8.nl (founded in 2005) and supports companies and organizations with Joomla! implementations, support and custom Joomla extension development.

His other interests are open source software, Linux (Debian), Nginx, Raspberry Pi, music (collecting vinyl records) and art house movies.

luca marzo
Location: Lecce, Italy, Europe
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Programs Department Coordinator
Volunteer Profile: Luca Marzo
GitHub: jeckodevelopment
Twitter: @jeckodev

Born and living near Lecce, Italy, Luca got in touch with Joomla! in 2007. Shortly he became an active member of the Italian Joomla! Community where he served as forum moderator and then global moderator.

In January 2015 he joined the Joomla! Extensions Directory Team as Listing Specialist and during 2016 he was appointed Listing Manager. In 2015 he joined also the Certification Operations Team, where he serves as Assistant Team Leader, and the Trademark & Licensing Working Group. In May, 2016 he joined the Production Leadership Team.

Radek Suski

Location: Schaafheim, Germany
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator
URL: radek.sigsiu.net
Volunteer Profile: Radek Suski
Forum Profile: Radek Suski
GitHub: Radek-Suski
Twitter: @RadekSu

Born in Poland, Radek has been living in Germany for the past sixteen years.
Since 2006 Radek is providing high quality extensions for Joomla. He continues his educational studies of Science of Informatics at Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and works full time for the Sobi projects.

As the development leader, Radek is the mastermind for developing SobiPro and the additional applications. As the system administrator he is also responsible for the setup and maintenance of all SobiPro servers, forum as well as the demo sites.

Radek is former First Chairman of the PCJ Open Source Foundation Council, member of the German J and Beyond e.V. and former OSM Board Member. His other Joomla! involvement includes contributing to the work of the Bug Squad. Radek has been leader of the Joomla! Events Team, is member of the Joomla! Social Media team and the Joomla! Events Traveller (JET) team. Radek is a frequent speaker at JoomlaDay events throughout Europe and beyond.

Some people are seeing Radek as a guru, geek or even a nerd. None of this is true of course. He sees himself as a kind of digital vampire. However, instead of blood he needs coffee to live and work. But the sunshine on the monitor is definitely very dangerous because it interrupts the virtual live and doesn't allow to work.