• Department Coordinator Leaders: responsible for overseeing the teams within their department as well as sitting on the Board as a Director. See the list of department teams on the Volunteers Portal.
  • Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer): responsible for managing all legal and financial affairs for Joomla! and also the Joomla! demo sites.

To learn more about the new structure, please see this overview of the structure and you can also read the By-laws.

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The Department Coordinators and Officers are listed below.

hugh douglas smith

Location: Berkshire, UK
Timezone: GMT
Position: Operations Department Coordinator
URL: webappz.co.uk
Volunteer Profile: Hugh Douglas-Smith
Forum Profile: hdouglas
GitHub: hdouglassmith
Twitter: @webappzltd

Hugh has been working with Joomla! since the release of 1.5 beta. He was co-founder of a web development company WebAppz which now focuses solely on Joomla! development. Hugh has contributed to a number of Joomla! teams including the Extensions Directory as Reviews Manager and Marketing lead for JWC17.

Hugh has a background in sales & marketing having served as a director or senior manager for a number of international software houses. He spent 7 years within the document management arena and then workflow, CRM and ERP at one point running an offshore team of over 70 developers. All of this provides a useful background in understanding the processes of businesses as well as the development of software.

Outside of Joomla! Hugh serves as chairman of a couple of significant charities as well as working with volunteers in the non I.T. world. He is a keen swimmer, amateur photographer and enjoys travelling.

djamel kherbi

Location: Algier, Algeria
Timezone: GMT+1
Position: Events Department Coordinator
Volunteer Profile: Djamel Kherbi
GitHub: webdjam
Twitter: @DKherbi

Djamel has a degree in recording audio, he started to build websites mostly dedicated to web radios in the end of the 90's. He believes in Open Source as key to success.
In 2010 he started to use Joomla! to build websites for podcast as well streaming platforms using Icecast server.
He joined the JUG Team in 2015, helping the local communities to start there user groups, and he also organised the Joomla User Group Algiers.

Eric Lamy

Location: Lormon, France
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator
URL: agerix.fr/
Volunteer Profile: Eric Lamy
GitHub: agerix
Twitter: @agerix

george wilson

Location: Vienna, Austria
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Production Department Coordinator
URL: Itronic
Volunteer Profile: Harald Leithner
Github: hleithner
Twitter: @hleithner

Harald has been creating websites with his company ITronic for 16 years. Hosting and Housing is also offered since the first day.
Furthermore he is a Joomla! Stackexchange Moderator, member of the Joomla! Bug Squad, part of the Joomla! Security Strike Team and release lead for Joomla! 3.9.3+. Harald is also involved as one of the organizers of JUG Vienna and JoomlaDay Austria 2019.

yves hoppe

Location: Tampa, USA
Timezone: GMT -5
Position: Legal & Finance Department Coordinator
URL: JoomlaXTC
Volunteer Profile: Jason Nickerson
GitHub: jayblaq
Twitter: @jayjoomler

Jason Nickerson is the founder of Monev Software LLC / Joomlaxtc.com A Joomla! volunteer and contributor, Jason currently heads up the Legal and Finance department of OSM and is the organizer of the Tampa Joomla Users Group and the annual JoomlaDay Florida.

viktor vogel

Location: North Cornwall, UK
Timezone: GMT
Position: Programs Department Coordinator
Volunteer Profile: Jaz Parkyn
Forum Profile: JazParkyn
Github: JazParkyn
Twitter: @jazparkyn

Jaz is a developer who works with businesses to create customised Joomla websites and data analysis SaaS platforms.
Coming from a background in PHP and SQL, it wasn't long before she discovered Joomla and its fantastic community and hasn't looked back since. She started her Joomla story in the Extensions Directory processing listings and then was elected to team lead for two years.

rowan hoskyns abrahall

Location: London, UK
Timezone: GMT
Position: President
Volunteer Profile: Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall
GitHub: Joomv

Rowan has been working with Joomla! since it forked from Mambo. Based in London, UK she builds, maintains and consults on sites for a wide variety of clients from small businesses to government agencies and NGOs. Rowan is lead of the JET Team and webmaster of the Community Portal, as well as a member of the JUG Team and Capital Committee. Outside of Joomla her interests are travel and cooking.

Daniel Dubois

Location: Landerneau, France
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Vice President
URL: web-eau.net/
Volunteer Profile: Daniel Dubois
Twitter: @web_eau_net

luca marzo
Location: Lecce, Italy
Timezone: GMT +1
Position: Secretary
Volunteer Profile: Luca Marzo
GitHub: jeckodevelopment
Twitter: @jeckodev

Luca got in touch with Joomla! in 2007. Shortly he became an active member of the Italian Joomla! Community where he served as forum moderator and then global moderator.

He served in several teams and roles, from the Joomla! Extensions Directory Team to the Joomla! Certification Program, from Trademark Team to the CMS Maintenance Team. During 2016 he joined the Production Leadership Team as Assistant.

During the Transition of the Project, he was appointed Programs Department Coordinator (for just few days) and then he was elected Secretary of Open Source Matters, Inc.

Brian Mitchell

Location: Milwaukee, United States
Timezone: GMT – 5
Position: Treasurer
Website: intergen.org
Volunteer Profile: Brian Mitchell