michael babker

Location: White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA
Timezone: GMT – 6
Position: Production Department Coordinator
URL: michaels.website
Volunteer Profile: Michael Babker
Forum Profile: mbabker
GitHub: mbabker
Twitter: @mbabker

Michael has been developing with, using, and contributing to Joomla! since 2010 in a plethora of roles that even he lost track of. Most notably he is a past release coordinator (including having issued the final 2.5 release), Security Strike Team Lead, and member of the Production Leadership Team. Today his contributions are primarily in a systems administration role being involved in the management of the joomla.org websites and he serves as the Production Department Coordinator.

Beyond Joomla!, Michael has a wealth of experience in the Information Technology field having worked previously as a Systems and Network Administrator in addition to maintaining several industry related certifications and having earned a degree in Information Technology. His full time work these days see him as the Lead Developer for Happy Dog Web Productions where he is primarily involved in the development of web applications using various PHP and JavaScript technologies.

When not paying the bills or writing code, Michael can be found enjoying the scenery wherever he's at in the world, representing the Joomla! project within the greater Open Source community, opinionating through social media, and all in all enjoying life.