Joomla 3.9, it’s even more ...

More features and improvements for developers, integrators, and designers!

  • Use a return URL to the Cancel button #20144
  • Generate URLs from the backend to the frontend and vice-versa #16879
  • Checksum verification on update for the core and 3rd party extensions #17632 #17619
  • Load a module by ID into your article #19362
  • Display your tags per language #19509
  • Contacts: Link an author name to a URL or an email #18258
  • Create custom admin article menus #20890
  • Multilingual sites: A new toolbar button to edit associations #21022
  • Multilingual sites: Propagating existing associations #21321
  • Display the parent category of an article and edit directly the category #20740
  • Argon2id Password Support #20855
  • Removal of &limitstart=0 / &start=0 in com_content #19467
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA implemented #18146

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