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Tons of additional features and improvements for developers, integrators, and designers!

  • Allow a custom page title to be defined for an article without a menu item #10838 **
  • Show cache_path in config, catch exceptions, clean cache on config save #13520
  • Allow extensions to register callback functions to the debug console #11700
  • New method for retrieving the strings from the store #11692
  • New ability to refresh cached JTable fields #11046
  • onAfterRenderModules event in modules rendering #10113
  • New method isClient($identifier) has been introduced in JApplicationCms class #8971
  • Added Feature items filter to mod_articles_news #12547
  • Show configured upload limit when uploading files #12396
  • Added optional suffix text to Mass Mail Form page #12078
  • The Module "Articles Newsflash" now allows you to sort your articles by 'Modified Date' #11128
  • In the Global configuration, you can now configure mail settings with newly added 'Reply To' and 'Reply To Name' fields #11015
  • A new 'show_info' option (hide/show) is now available in the com_contact, along with other improvements #8607
  • Joomla! Update Component: Check for minimum supported database type and version #12355
  • A visibility indicator allows you to see which Menu items are hidden, or not, when displaying the Menu items list #11998
  • New 'show/hide' introtext parameter integrated in to the newsflash module #11564
  • Track package extension relationships with extensions it installs #12977
  • New plugin displaying a nag message to update the PHP version #11498
  • Order your articles by votes or rating in your backend, as well as your frontend, when the content vote plugin is enabled #11225
  • Media has now a 'Select all' checkbox, you can now delete a folder full of items you no longer need #8852
  • Settings displayed aside the ‘Use Global’ field #11911
  • ISIS Template has been modernised #12319
  • Improvement of the date and time picker #11138
  • Users can share sessions between apps #12068

** Click on the Issue number to learn more about the feature on GitHub.

* Over 700 improvements have been made in Joomla! 3.7.

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