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Core Team Announcement

We are pleased to formally introduce Louis Landry, David Gal, Mateusz (Mat) Krzeszowiec, Richard (Ric) Allinson and Sam Moffatt to the Core Development Team. The work they have contributed to Joomla!™ over the past few months has created some amazing momentum within the project.

The project lead developer, Johan Janssens, said "fresh ideas and integration of new technologies into the core has created a great deal of opportunity and stability for the future of Joomla!."

"I'd like to personally congratulate all of the guys for their hard work," Johan said. "Their contribution, encouragement and spirit of teamwork has taken us to heights with the upcoming Joomla! 1.1 that could not have happened so quickly without their combined intellectual muscle."

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Joomla! 1.0.7 released!

Joomla! 1.0.7Joomla! 1.0.7 [ Sunburst ] is now available as of Sunday 15th January 2006 21:00 UTC for download here. 1.0.7 is essentially 1.0.6 repackaged to fix one major bug in 1.0.6 - therefore it should still be considered a Security Release.  It contains nine (9) `Low Level` Security Fixes, and seventy (70 plus minor/non-critical bug fixes.

We recommend that you upgrade to this version.  If you are running 1.0.6 you MUST upgrade to 1.0.7.

1.0.7 is available as a Full Package, which contains all Joomla! files and a Patch Package which contains only the files that have been changed by the Security & Bug Fix work conducted.

To ensure the integrity of the files you are downloading you are advised only to download from the 'Official Source' on the Official Joomla! Forge.  As an extra security measure we now make available the MD5 checksum of the respective package files to allow people to do integrity checking.

1.0.7 Changelog
1.0.7 Version Information
1.0.7 Package File MD5 checksums

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Joomla! 1.1 - Developer Power, User Excitement

ImageWell folks, we've had this under wraps somewhat but what better time to share some good news than at New Year.

The concrete is setting on our Joomla!™ 1.1 codeset and it will be delivering many cool features, primarily designed to provide Third Party Developers (3PDs) with more power and ease of code integration.

Yes, it's true. Joomla! 1.1 will provide an entry into a modern codeset allowing Object Orientated development, with inbuilt internationalisation (multi-lingual support), a refactored core and, FTP extension installation. Put simply, core restructuring and modernisation of code all built on a robust framework which allows the developer more power and flexibility with less effort.

  • UTF-8 built in — Internationalisation (translation of the core system) allowing multi-lingual support
  • Core Restructuring — modernisation of core, providing a more powerful, flexible framework
  • FTP uploading of extensions (components, modules, plugins, templates), resolving file ownership and Safe Mode issues
  • Database drivers — a project providing the ability for Joomla! to work with databases other than mySQL
  • Hooks for officially supported components already in the core
  • Plugin framework - a system to allow easy integration of external web applications

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